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The FTSE 100 at 40

Known colloquially as ‘the Footsie’, The FTSE 100 launched 40 years ago on 3rd January 1984. The index of the biggest 100 companies on the London Stock Exchange has witnessed and reflected so many changes. Nigel Lawson was Chancellor under Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. The index reflects opportunities for industry in an environment where money… Continue reading The FTSE 100 at 40

No Smokescreen Headlines – Just Financial Facts

Another Financial Year is fast rolling around to the end of one, and the beginning of another. There is a lot to review but, you may fall into three categories: Our view on these three scenarios is: Call Andrew Snowball on 0207 821 2424, or email via the Contact Page: HERE. To make the most… Continue reading No Smokescreen Headlines – Just Financial Facts

The Winds of Change

Heraclitus, a Greek philosopher, is quoted as saying “change is the only constant in life.” We face so many changes, daily – some fiscal (as in the Autumn Statement), many social (life), political (the likelihood of change of Government), and globally political / ecologically affected – winds of change. Change is all around us. Some… Continue reading The Winds of Change

Is your Pension fit for purpose?

Only one in seven UK adults have ever checked their pension. Does this mean we don’t care about our standard of living in retirement? Don’t we want our lifestyle when we stop working to be as good as it is now? Or do we just not know how to go about it? Consider this together… Continue reading Is your Pension fit for purpose?

Farewell to inheritance tax? Not so fast

Is Downing Street really planning to abolish inheritance tax? “I despair.” Said Paul Johnson who writes for The Times on the recent debate around abolishing inheritance tax. [Originally published in The Times on 17 July 2023] He continues: “There was speculation published on the front page of this newspaper on Saturday that the government is… Continue reading Farewell to inheritance tax? Not so fast


…to maintain your ideal lifestyle through retirement. First, let’s introduce the PLSA – the Pension and Lifetime Savings Association, who actually try to forecast the answer to that question – just how much is enough? One of the UK’s major insurance companies (Scottish Widows) runs a annual National Retirement Forecast (NRF) survey designed to capture… Continue reading HOW MUCH IS ENOUGH ?

Crypto assets: handle with great care!

The FCA (Financial Conduct Authority UK) recently announced a plan for tougher regulations of crypto assets with consumers likening cryptocurrency investing to “gambling”. Brits owning crypto currencies as part of their financial portfolios have more than doubled between 2021 and 2022. This is an incredible growth rate when you consider how little we know about… Continue reading Crypto assets: handle with great care!

State Pension Age increase to 68 deferred.

The government has deferred its decision on when to raise the State Pension Age (SPA) to 68. The important word here is – DEFERRED. It WILL increase to 68, we’re just not quite sure when yet. So, does your financial planning include the additional year at work, or does it bring in sustainable financial independence… Continue reading State Pension Age increase to 68 deferred.

Mind the Gap

Missed the bus on year-end tax / NIC top ups? NOT YET ! Although you have passed the 5th April deadline, because of the extraordinary number of people seeking advice from HMRC, you now have until 31st July to act. In a press release on 7 March, the government announced the original cut off for making certain… Continue reading Mind the Gap

Wellbeing in the Workplace

The New York Times bestseller by Tom Rath and Jim Harter – “Wellbeing: The Five Essential Elements” – provides a holistic view of what contributes to our wellbeing over a lifetime. It insightfully begins with a sideways look at the many ‘life changing’ programs available, promising to get richer, lose weight or strengthen relationships, each… Continue reading Wellbeing in the Workplace

Have you got your Shopping List?

More households are returning to ’shopping lists’ to help them save money with their weekly grocery bills. The Mirror last month (March) published an excerpt from a Nectar Card survey of 2,000 shoppers to find: “Brits who write shopping lists save £11 when buying groceries at supermarkets.” According to a Government National Institute of Health… Continue reading Have you got your Shopping List?

Happy New (Financial) Year

Yes, we will be seeing out the old and welcoming in the new Financial Year on 5th April. It matters because it gives you a narrow window to take full advantage of some key tax breaks and other timely opportunities. Doing something about it now may enable you to take advantage of any remaining reliefs,… Continue reading Happy New (Financial) Year

Granny’s Little Tea Caddies

Cash Planning What is the most important aspect of your personal financial planning: How much you EARN OR – How much you SPEND ? I always admired my Granny’s little collection of tea caddies that sat on the dresser in the dining room. Some round, square, hexagonal, triangular and all brightly coloured, all distinctive by… Continue reading Granny’s Little Tea Caddies

Money Talk

5 Steps to start your journey, to help you and your spouse / partner talk the ‘Money Talk’. Things to consider. Put ‘MONEY’ into some kind of context before you start the discussion. Talking money at home is so often a sore subject – if you feal this, don’t worry – you are not alone.… Continue reading Money Talk

A refreshing initiative

When is the best time to plant an ochard? 20 years ago. When is the second best time? TODAY. Money Life Balance (MLB) from Greycoat Financial Services is a refreshing initiative designed to help you plant, cultivate, shape and gradually harvest the seeds to grow your ‘financial wellbeing and lifestyle orchard’.

Changing Attitudes to Mental Health in the Workplace

Is speaking about mental health in the workplace acceptable? “It’s essential Peter and thank you for raising it. If we don’t share, listen and understand more about our colleagues’ wellbeing issues – mental health, mental ill-health – we can’t even begin to help them, but neither can we help ourselves. We ALL have mental health – sometimes it’s good health, but increasingly it is not. Talk about it, understand it, help or get help.”

Money Life Balance – What is it?

Life is simple, well relatively speaking – it just happens. Living it successfully, now that’s a different story. But just what is ‘success’ and how do we even begin to achieve it?

Financial wellbeing is directly linked to financial advice

A recent and substantial survey by Aegon created a Financial Wellbeing Index. The survey found that just 10% of people who have never used any financial advice are “fortunate to combine healthy finances and a positive money mindset.”