Money Life Balance – What is it?

Life is simple, well relatively speaking – it just happens. Living it successfully, now that’s a different story. But just what is ‘success’ and how do we even begin to achieve it?

The Winds of Change

Heraclitus, a Greek philosopher, is quoted as saying “change is the only constant in life.” We face so many changes, daily – some fiscal (as in the Autumn Statement), many social (life), political (the very real likelihood of change of Government), and globally political / ecologically affected – winds of change. Whatever happens on 4th… Continue reading The Winds of Change

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Granny’s Little Tea Caddies

Cash Planning What is the most important aspect of your personal financial planning: How much you EARN OR – How much you SPEND ? I always admired my Granny’s little collection of tea caddies that sat on the dresser in the dining room. Some round, square, hexagonal, triangular and all brightly coloured, all distinctive by… Continue reading Granny’s Little Tea Caddies