A refreshing initiative

A refreshing initiative

‘When is the best time to plant an orchard?

20 years ago. When is the second best time? TODAY.

Money Life Balance (MLB) from Greycoat Financial Services is a refreshing initiative designed to help you plant, cultivate, shape and gradually harvest the seeds to grow your ‘financial wellbeing and lifestyle orchard’.


We have recently restructured Greycoat to introduce the MLB concept, allowing even more time to sit with clients to discuss their status and ambitions, aspirations and objectives. We build a plan tailored individually to their lifestyle now, and intentions for the future. Subject to available assets, planning for anticipated events is fairly straightforward, the trick is to keep things flexible enough to deal with the unforeseen.


Now is the time to recognise and share the fact that:  money is just a tool. Money feeds the life we live and wish to continue living. To create and manage an effective Life Plan, we must first understand and paint the Lifestyle that makes our client happy. Happiness in life is more than building a pile of cash. Happiness is the ‘Wellbeing’ that supports us, having efficiently balanced the role of Money as the vehicle, enabling the plan for Life.

Our Pigeonhole

To pigeonhole MLB would be to slot it into Lifestyle Financial Planning, somewhere above Wealth Management and well above old-style product-led Financial Planning. MLB has sights set on its own lofty pigeonhole recognised for quality, professional, friendly, considered and appropriate advice tailored to each individual need.


We are a small, professional team with huge empathy and excellent specialist support when needed.

Michael Hunt (who has owned Greycoat for over 21 years), when asked what he considered his job to be said: ‘to deliver all of these things, wrapped up in a friendly, professional, reliable relationship of trust’.

Andrew Snowball (DipPFS, Certs MP and ER), a member of The Initiative for Financial Wellbeing brings over 20 years of Financial Services experience to MLB Greycoat, supporting busy professionals & business owners to organise, plan and managed their financial lives.

Technical support and systemised procedures help us to help clients to gather the ‘boring yet essential’ financial details we need even before we sit down with a cup of tea and talk about life – their life.

The Big Question

That’s easy to ask but not so to answer … ‘just how much IS enough?

Our role?

To try to find the answer.