What’s Your Number?

What’s Your Number?

To fully enjoy the life and lifestyle you live now, through all the years you have before you, whatever changes there might be, we need to agree a number – what’s your number?

Let’s try to explain that simply:

It’s probably the last thing you want to think about in your hectic life. Business is good. Income is readily disposable, investments are riding the waves – life is (on the whole) – good.

Now, you need to protect the assets that afford you such a standard of living. You need a degree of structure, or even re-structure to help protect and grow what you have, financially, now and into the future when you decide to swap more (or all) working days for leisure days.

The direct income might stop, but why should your lifestyle?

These thoughts are intended to sustain the lifestyle you live now and to let it grow enjoyably into the additional time you will have when the office is no longer your priority, but your partner, family, friends, health and happiness are.

The better the balance, the better your Wellbeing.

The planning journey is based on one crucial question:

How much money do you need for the rest of your life? That is the Number, YOUR Number.

We know you are, in essence, ‘pretty comfortable’, with a good, healthy, fun lifestyle. You have income, assets and investments to feed a generous lifestyle now. But what does it all mean for the financial future that awaits. Some kind or ‘rearrangement’ will be necessary to support essential changes and continue to fund an equally fruitful future and retirement.

We are looking to help put you in a place between two paths.

  • You run out of money – you actually didn’t have enough. Perhaps you didn’t have a plan.
  • You die with too much.

My favourite things in life don’t cost any money. It’s really clear that the most precious resource we all have is time”.  So said Steve Jobs, founder of Apple. At the time of his death from pancreatic cancer in 2011, he was worth $10 billion.

This is all about helping you to find the right balance – the Money, Life, Balance.

1 The Money Talk

If you are married or have a long-term partner, the first thing to realise is that you cannot even begin to start planning on your own. Work together. See our recent article – The Money Talk – it might help.

2 Make a Conscious Spending Plan

A Conscious Spending Plan is a really positive way to consider the costs associated with the lifestyle you enjoy now, and help you grow that standard of living further still – sustainably so.

It is a financial guideline that accommodates change and the flexibility needed to deal with it. It is intended to identify opportunities that will improve your financial wellbeing.

3 Know Your Number

Just to be clear, we are not talking about adding everything up to identify a bottom-line cost of living, and creating a savings plan to achieve it.

We are talking about ‘a Spending Plan’.

The spending plan is intended to keep you on course to achieve the life you want to live, without running out of money, and without dying with too much.

An important part of the Spending Plan is timing. When will or might events occur. Again, this is all about ‘balance’, balancing your assets, investments and savings to provide cash when it’s needed, without financial sacrifice or unnecessary tax exposure.

Only by fully understanding what your ideal life looks like can we help you build your Spending Plan which will give us that all important number – YOUR NUMBER.

4 Review

Having a plan, whatever you call it, is not the final answer. Things change, life changes, markets are changing daily.

But we don’t want you to worry about that, that’s our job.

Because we have spent so much time with you, getting to know you and what you want to achieve and enjoy through life, we know what your plan needs to achieve. By reviewing it ourselves and periodically, we can keep it on track, balanced, best able to support your current standard of living and your future lifestyle.

What do you think? Want to know your number?

Reach out so we can talk – HERE – We want to know:

  1. Who you are – REALLY are?
  2. What drives you?
  3. What relaxes you?
  4. What does your life and lifestyle look like now?
  5. What do you want it to look like in the future?